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Air Duct Cleaning (offered in Kansas only)

Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor air pollution is increasingly affecting homes and commercial buildings. Air most frequently becomes contaminated when bacteria, fungi, mildew, dust, and chemical compounds are trapped inside air handling systems. Having your duct system professionally cleaned is a vital part of improving the indoor air quality in your home or office. At All-Pro Services our specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to remove the sources of contamination in your air handling system, furnace, air ducts, and vents.

Our air duct cleaning process involves many steps and sophisticated equipment. Please link on one of the links below for more detailed information. You will see for yourself that we have the absolute best, state of the art cleaning equipment, plus our trained technicians take pride in their work, allowing us to guarantee the most thorough cleaning possible.

Air duct cleaning should be looked at as an investment , not an inexpensive, quick, in and out, get it done and over with job. Don't throw your hard earned dollars away on an inadequate job. If you are financially unable to have your duct system cleaned properly, wait and budget to have the job done at a later date. The health of you and your family (or workers and co-workers) should be the deciding factor. It's your choice as to what kind of cleaning you will allow in your home or place of business.

Air Duct Cleaning Process

  • Equipment
  • Preparation
  • Initial Steps
  • Secondary Steps
  • Final Steps
  • Before & After Results

Self Contained Truck
To clean air duct systems, we use a self contained truck loaded with specialized equipment.

Air Duct Truck     Air Duct Truck

Our huge truck mounted unit is FAR advanced and superior to portable, electric or roll-in units. It includes:

  • Rectangular and round manual and power brushes
  • Power tools
  • Pressure washer
  • Zone bags
  • 65 hp Hi Range Vac plus trailer that holds up to 400 feet of 10 inch vacuum hose.

The 1700 lb, 65 hp dirt and dust collecting "monster" is the top of the line model, boasting the highest static pressure rating of any vacuum designed for duct cleaning.

Power-Vac     Power-Vac

Detailed view

This machine has enough high velocity vacuum power to actually REMOVE dirt and debris from within the ventilation ducts, depositing it into 43 filter bags and/or collection chamber.

  • The exclusive fan impeller allows the right balance of air volume flow rate and static pressure drop across the filter area - permitting only clean, dust-free air to be discharged.
  • More vacuum energy is available, as much as 4 times the conveying distance of conventional vacuums.
  • Note: Our Power-Vac is identical to this, except ours is red.

Brush System & "Duct Ball and Snake"

The Mini-Cobra power brush system
The Mini-Cobra is a mechanical device that turns up to 750 revolutions/minute and is the top of the line tool for boot and branch cleaning.

Cobra Brush     Cobra Brush

Below are close-ups of a "duct ball and snake"
The white lines are REVERSE and FORWARD direction of high pressure air being dispersed at 175 psi and a full 360 degrees.

Ball and Snake     Ball and Snake


Sensitive Areas are Covered
Before we begin the cleaning process, we make sure all sensitive areas are protected.

Cleaning Prep     Cleaning Prep

In this home, the front entry way and staircase to the basement are carpeted, so tarps are placed over these areas for protection.

Unload vacuum hose
Technicians unload 10 inch vacuum hose to begin the cleaning process.

Cleaning Prep     Cleaning Prep

  • Sections of hose are carried into the home and connected to the duct work.
  • The 10 inch vacuum hose is connected to the trunk inside of the home is then linked and connected to the powerful truck mounted vacuum system.

  1. Access holes are cut into the ductwork.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  2. The holes are then scrubbed with specially designed brushes to dislodge contaminants.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  3. After the power brushing is completed, manual trunk scrubbing is performed to be sure contaminants are dislodged.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  4. After aggressive manual agitation, the 10 inch vacuum hose is attached.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  5. Smaller 1 inch holes are made at various places to allow for high pressure air sweeping with a duct ball and snake. The knife cutting air pressure dislodges the contaminants.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  6. Contaminants are then sent through the vacuum hose and safely deposited into the 43 filter bags and/or collection chamber.
    Air Duct Cleaning

  1. A fresh air return grill is removed; this allows access to the wall cavity and pan area for high pressure air sweeping.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  2. Cover plates are placed over other return air openings and floor vents to maintain maximum air velocity and vacuum power.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  3. Our Mini-Cobra power brush is a mechanical device that turns up to 750 revolutions/minute.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  4. Not all areas can be accessed with the Mini-Cobra power brush. In these situations, we use flex rods and manual brush heads.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  5. To ensure the proper cleaning of cracks and crevices at the joint areas, we follow up with the high pressure air duct ball and snake.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  6. After a cleaning agent has been applied, the register vent and grill covers are pressure washed, rinsed, dried and returned to their proper location.
    Air Duct Cleaning

  1. Furnaces are cleaned with brushes, a high pressure air gun, and vacuums. They are then treated with degreaser, wiped clean and dried with towels.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  2. Specially designed snap plugs are placed in the small 1" access holes to seal them after cleaning.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  3. 12" cover plates are placed over larger openings and then taped and fastened with zip screws to ensure air is unable to escape.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  4. The standard filter is replaced at no charge.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  5. Large amounts of dust, dirt and debris have collected at the bottom of the collection chamber.
    Air Duct Cleaning
  6. Technicians scoop out the chamber after cleaning a heavily contaminated system. Most cleanings are not this excessively dirty.
    Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning